When schools just don't get it

Imagine your child brings this home from school. A letter stating that you are responsible for bringing EVERYTHING on this list to school -- the next day.

Here's the email I received along with this picture of the letter:

I received this yesterday, and have under 24 hours to shop for approximately $80 worth of groceries for my son's classroom, whether these items are at a good price this week or not. Ordinarily, I would take a list like this and buy items each week as I see them at a good price or have coupons for them. And yes, they are brand specific. For many families, this would be very difficult to swing, and that is when the credit cards come out!


We have an appt Monday morning, so can't drop it off at that time, so it has to be done today. He is in the afternoon class, so he wouldn't even be there Monday morning anyway.

Kinda nutty, right? Especially if you didn't know it was coming. The family that received this letter just moved into the district and had no idea any of this was going on. $80 may not seem like a big deal to you, but if you were finally making financial progress and this thing smacked you in the teeth, you would be salty.


****Not to mention the fact that all the food on this list is CRAP. "Hey, waste your money on crap food for all these kids. Thanks." Nope.

And now the receipt.



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